It's time to bring blockchain to your business.

B9lab blockchain training for business helps corporate teams:

  • Bridge internal blockchain talent gaps
  • Identify relevant use cases, protocols and risks
  • Transform latent internal knowledge into expertise
  • Evolve ideas from concept to POC to functional prototype
  • Upskill faster in leading edge protocols, frameworks and tools such as Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Hyperledger Fabric, Go and more

Train your team today

Acquire the skills your organization needs to get ahead in blockchain.


White-labeled online training

Integrate the entire catalogue of B9lab online courses into your internal training portal or corporate development program. The B9lab Academy for Business annual subscription gives corporate teams access to all courses, dedicated support from technical and strategic expert instructors, reporting and certification. 

On-site workshops for accelerated learning

Seeking a more hands-on approach to blockchain training? Bring B9lab expert instructors onsite to deliver a live in-person training workshop. Choose a 4-day workshop for developers in Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric or select our 2-day workshop designed to bring non-technical audiences up to speed.


Blended learning methodology

B9lab corporate blockchain training combines face-to-face training with dedicated online support plus access to self-paced online tutorials so participants can build on their learnings and stay updated as blockchain technology evolves.


Tried and tested learning outcomes

Building on years of experience as blockchain educators online and offline, B9lab trainers adapt outcomes to a wide range of skill levels and learning styles and overall business goals. Participants get real-time feedback and a dedicated channel for continued support.


Continuously updated course content

The B9lab content team is 100% focused on ensuring that our course materials are up-to-date so that students are learning at the leading edge of blockchain technology. B9lab course content is never static and subject to continuous quality control and review.


Flexible, versatile and hands-on training

B9lab offers a diverse mix of courses with a range of protocols, frameworks and tools. Participants will apply their learnings through a series hands-on projects and proof-of-concept development with active feedback and 1-on-1 support from expert instructors in several time zones.


Thomas Krech

DLT Specialist & Senior Software Developer

Main Incubator GmbH



"The online courses fit very well with my real work. I was completely free to learn at my own pace and do my usual job in parallel. The course content was very relevant and helped me deal with new and challenging tasks."

Igor Teleshevsky

Co-Founder, VP R&D



"The workshop was important because it improved our development skills and we gained the confidence that our team is on par with the industry expertise needed. I am impressed with B9lab."

Need to bridge your blockchain talent gap?

Qualified blockchain developers are harder to find than ever.

Our dedicated talent matching service, B9lab Talent, connects your team with our best-performing blockchain programmers and certified professionals.

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